Upcoming Workshops 

How to register for workshops:
By Credit Card- Call the Craft Square at 386-397-1920 

Refund Policies (unless stated differently)
1. If cancellation is made prior to 48 hours of the workshop a refund will be given minus a cancellation fee ($5)
2. If a cancellation is made either within 48hrs or the participant fails to show up no refund will be given.

Craft Square has many crafters available in a wide array of classes. These classes are scheduled on an as-requested basis and some require as little as one day advance notice. Listed below are just some of the classes available throughout the year.  
Please call the Gift Shop at 386-397-1920 to schedule your class

Blacksmithing classes from beginners to advanced are available from several of our in-house blacksmiths. (Class size is limited.) Each student will have completed an item to take with them at the end of the class.

Beginning Jewelry Making
Several of our crafting jewelers offer beginning jewelry making. Wire wrapping and other techniques are taught. Each student will have a piece of jewelry to take with them as the end of the class. Intermediate and advanced classes are also available.
For more information on jewelry class 

Soap Making
Both old-fashioned “lye soap” making and “melt and pour” soap making classes are available.

The Craft Square has four potters with very different techniques available. “One time” classes as well as “continuing” classes are available. Each student will finish at least one piece of pottery to take with them at the end of the class. Saggar firing is also an option.
For more information on some of the various pottery classes

Aromatherapy classes are combined with the making of “healthy” drinks to stimulate, cleanse, refresh and heal the different parts of the body, mind, and soul.

Rug Making
Learn how to create a beautiful, durable rug from old t-shirts and rags. Each student will leave the class with one small completed rug. Each student will be provided rag rug kits.

Knitting, Crocheting, Quilting
One-on-one or in a group- learn to knit, crochet, or quilt any item your heart desires. Our fibre artists are among the best.

From key tags to purses and belts, our leather artists will teach you the basics of working with leather. Beginning to advanced classes are available.

Spinning, Felting, Weaving
Truly a craft of yester-year, learn the fine art of spinning and then weaving the thread you have spun. Felting classes are also available.

Stained Glass
Experience the artistry of light and color with stained glass. The Gift Shop has several professional stained-glass instructors.

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