Stephen Foster's America
Sung by Tenor Douglas Jimerson this selection contains Stephen Foster's most well known songs as well as Patriotic songs of the 19th Century.
Oh!Susanna, Massa's in de Cold Ground, Old Folks at Home, Camptown Races, Beautiful Dreamer, Nelly Bly, Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, Gentle Annie, Hard Times Come Again no More, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Deep River, He's Got the Whole World in his Hands, If You've Only got a Mustache, Old Dog Tray, Glendy Burk, My Old Kentucky Home, Some Folks, When the Dreadful War is Ended, Was My Brother in the Battle?, Nothing but a Plain Old Solider, Battle Hymn of the Republic, America
CD $18.00              Tape  $10.00  
CD $15.00                
Stephen Foster A Family Album
This is another CD by Tenor Douglas Jimerson. This set contains a CD as well a book on the life of Stephen Foster.
Camptown Races, My Old Kentucky Home, Come with Thy Sweet Voice, Old Folks Quadrilles, Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, The Merry, Merry Month of May, Old Folks at Home, Beautiful Dreamer, Village Bells Polka, Old Dog Tray, Nelly Bly, Was my Brother in the Battle?, The Glendy Burk, Come Where my Love Lies Dreaming, Old Black Joe, Jennie's Own Schottisch, Gentle Annie, Oh!Susanna
CD & Book $17.99
Stephen Foster Memorial Carillon
This ensemble is a recording of the Carillon Tower that is located in the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park. Four times daily the Carillon bells plays a concert of Stephen Foster songs. (There is no vocal.)
Old Folks at Home, Open thy Lattice Love, Tioga Waltz, Lousiana Belle, Oh! Susanna, Camptown Races, Nelly Bly, Ah! May the Red Rose Live Always, Ring, Ring, de Banjo, My Old Kentucky Home, Old Dog Tray, Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, Hard Times Come Again no More, Come Where my Love Lies Dreaming, Some Folks, Gentle Annie, The Glendy Burk, Beautiful Child of Song, Old Black Joe, Slumber my Darling, Beautiful Dreamer
  CD $15.00                Tape $10.00
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The music of classic American songwriter Stephen Foster performed by Tim O'Brein, Norton Buffalo, Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, Laurie Lewis, Todd Phillips, Jay Unger and many more great acoustic musicians. Produced and arranged by Joe Weed, Swanee contains many of Foster's most popular songs.
Includes: Oh! Susanna, Glendy Burk, Old Black Joe, Farewell, My Lilly Dear, Camptown Races, Gentle Annie, Little Annie, Angelina Baker, My Old Kentucky Home, Old Folks at Home, Nelly Bly, Hard Times Come Again No More, Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, Nelly Was a Lady, Beautiful Dreamer
Nelson Eddy Sings the 
Stephen Foster Song Book
Issued by Columbia Records in 1948.  In these performances, it is obvious the arranger/conductor Robert Armbruster made every attempt to frame Nelson Eddy's voice with a simple, yet colorful, orchestral and choral background - the norm of Stephen Foster's time.
Old Folks at Home, The Merry Merry Month of May, Beautiful Dreamer, Oh! Susanna, My Old Kentucky Home, O Lemuel!, Gentle Annie, Nelly Bly, Come Where My Live Lies Dreaming, Some Folks, Open thy Lattice Love, Oh Boys Carry Me Along, Sweetly She Sleeps My Alice Fair, If You've Only Got a Mustache, Old Dog Tray, Camptown Races, Slumber My Darling, Jenny June, My Brudder Gum, Sweet Emerald Isle, Old Black Joe, Fairy Belle, Massa's in De Cold Cold Ground, I Will be True to Thee, Louisiana Belle, Nellie was a Lady, There's no Such Gal as Mine, Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, Don't Bet Your Money on the Shanghai, Uncle Ned, Comrades Fill No Glass for Me, Dolly Day, Once I Loved Thee Mary Dear, Angelina Baker, Give Us this Day our Daily Bread
CD $18
Stephen Foster Music Books
Stephen Foster Immortal Melodies
Published by Warner Brothers and edited by Hugo Frey, this collection features about 80 of Foster's most well known songs
Song Book  $9.95  
"Old Folks at Home" Sheet Music
"Old Folks at Home" is the song that immortalized the Suwannee River and is the Florida State Song. Now you can have your own copy of the sheet music that made Florida and the Suwannee River so famous
"Old Folks" Sheet Music
Stephen Foster Song Book
Original sheet music of 40 songs by Stephen Foster
Ah! May the Red Rose Live Always, Beautiful Dreamer, Better Times are Coming, Camptown Races, Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming, Don't Bet Your Money on the Shanghai, Down Amoung the Cane-Brakes, Gentle Annie, Gentle Lena Clare, The Glendy Burk, Hard Time Come Again No More, If You've Only Got a Mustache, Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, Maggie by my Side, Massa's in de Cold Ground, My Old Kentucky Home, My Wife is a Most Knowing Woman, Nelly Bly, Oh! Susanna, Old Black Joe, Old Dog Tray, Old Folks at Home, Old Uncle Ned, Open thy Lattice Love, Ring de Banjo, Some Folks, The Song of All Songs, That's What's the Matter, There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea, There's a Good Time Coming, Thou Art the Queen of My Song, The Village Maiden, The Voices that Are Gone, Way Down in Ca-i-ro, We are Coming Father Abraham, When this Dreadful War is Ended, Willie Has Gone to War, Wilt Thou be Gone Love
Stephen Foster Song Book
Simply Duets
Five Favorite Stephen Foster Melodies arranged at a Mid Elementary level.  Piano Duets by Leigh Kaplan.  No Words
Beautiful Dreamer, Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, Oh! Susanna, Old Folks at Home, Camptown Races
July 4th, 1826 -January 13th, 1864
Stephen Collins Foster
Stephen Collins Foster was born to William B. & Eliza T. Foster on July 4th, 1864 in a white cottage overlooking the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, PA.  In his short life of 37years he wrote over 200 songs including two state songs- Old Folks at Home which is for the state of  Florida, and My Old Kentucky Home used by Kentucky. Today he is known as one of America's greatest composers.
Simply Duets
Stephen Foster Books
The Swanee River
This biography published by the University of Pittsburgh is wonderfully written and illustrated. It details the Stephen Foster's journey from the beginning to the tragic end. Softcover 52 pages  
 The Swanee River $5.99