Roberta Lacefield

Roberta grew up on a farm in southern Michigan but has lived most of her adult life in Florida and Georgia where she made a career of teaching mathematics—Putnam County and Union County High School, Santa Fe, Waycross College, and South Hamilton Elementary. Since retiring from teaching math, Roberta has concentrated her energy on yoga, farming, and volunteering at Stephen Foster where she is one of our artists. 
Roberta has practiced yoga since she took her first yoga class in college back in the '70's. She became a certified yoga teacher in 2001. She and husband John have owned and operated Lacefield Farms, a local farm 10 miles north of White Springs, since 2004. At the park, Roberta offers classes in yoga and rugmaking along with other rural farm crafts. Both Roberta and John feel that on the farm and through their classes, they have an obligation to future generations to leave as small a footprint on the earth as they can.

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