Michael Barclay

Michael has worked with his hands his whole life. He's been playing stringed instruments since 1962 when he was 9 years old. He started with the violin, then on to the Cello. Then he found his way home  (as he puts it) on the upright bass.

His wife Debbie, is a talented seamstress, she sews everything from alterations to sail slugs. She has a couple of sewing machines that are capable of putting a needle through the toughest leathers, they have a harness stitcher too for the insane stitching but he usually prefers to do this by hand.

Since 1980 they have live in southern Florida just north of Key Largo between the Everglades and Biscayne National Parks. They enjoy the boating, canoeing, biking and the camping available all year 'round.

​ Michael retire to his Farm and workshop up in Wellborn FL, just outside of Lake City.  He still plays everyday and gets a kick out of building instruments.  He started building about 12 years ago when the guitar player in his band gave him a chunk of Mahogany and told him to make himself a bass. "It turned out better than many I've played".                                      

Michael has joined the many artists at Stephen Foster where he demonstrates the many crafts he has in enjoy working with, and those crafts seem to be endless.
Working with leather
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Black Smithing
Hand made instruments
Michael making lye soap