Jan Krautheim

  Stone Roses "Pottery" Roses

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Jan's passion for the floral world took root in her childhood home in New Jersey, surrounded by lovingly tended 
flower gardens. Her family's prize rose garden was always bursting with the latest colorful, fragrant varieties, and her mom's hobby was arranging fresh bouquets. So perhaps it was destiny that Jan ended up creating Stone Roses, incorporating her love of color and nature into clay creations that could fool--or amuse--Mother Nature!

How Jan became the "Rose Lady"/"Rose Jan" is a journey unforeseen. Dabbling in every medium EXCEPT clay for most of her life, Jan's BA degree in Fine Arts/Journalism led her to work in corporate communications and public relations. After moving to Bradenton FL in 1990 with her husband, Doug, she settled for a few non-creative jobs until 1999. Responding to a tiny newspaper ad for artistic people willing to learn a unique craft, Jan found herself in a room overflowing with eye-popping handcrafted roses and piles of polymer clay. The owner needed several artists to create and ship the roses to large Renaissance/Medieval fairs throughout the country.

Despite some rather pitiful first attempts at this unusual craft, Jan's roses became the top sellers and were dubbed "Rose Jan" roses to distinguish them from the other artists. Flash forward many years (and thousands of roses) later to 2007, when Jan took over the Stone Roses business from the retiring owner. Besides her own Stone Roses website, Jan is a featured clay artist at the anniversary gift website JustPaperRoses.com as the "9th Anniversary Pottery Rose".

In December 2012, Jan brought her Stone Roses to the Craft Square Pottery Cabin as a first-time demonstrator during the Festival of Lights (and beyond). Showing the public how to create roses and introducing them to a whole new audience proved to be a joyful, rewarding experience.

Both Jan and Doug are avid, longtime Florida State Park campers and volunteers. When her fingers aren't stained with clay, Jan also loves creative writing, choral singing, and playing piano and guitar--especially for park events!