Consignment Opportunites
at the Stephen Foster Craft Square
White Springs, Florida

The Stephen Foster Craft Square located inside of Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park has a large selection of hand crafted items by Florida Artists.

At this time over 90 artist have their items consigned to the store. Items for sale include pottery, stain glass, painting, baskets, weavings, music, crocheted items, photography and so much more. 

If you would like to consign your items to the store the only requirement is that you are a Florida Resident.

There are two different consignment percentages available to artists.

Demonstrator Percentage: If you decide that you would like to be a demonstrator, the percentage for someone demonstrating for 3 days a week not less than 15 hours; Monday-Thursday will get 90% and the Gift shop 10%
For those that demonstrate 3 days a week not less than 15 hours; Friday-Sunday will receive 85% and the Gift Shop 15%

Those demonstrating less than 3 days a week will receive 75% and the Gift shop 25%

Non-Demonstrating Percentage: This percentage is for artists who do not wish to demonstrate their craft and would just like to have their items sold in the store. The percentage is 70% to the crafter with 30% to the Gift Shop. 

The Florida Park Service does not allow certain items to be sold in the park:

1. Any item that may cause a depletion or exploitation of any animal or plant species, live or dried plants not horticulturally produced, shells, skins, horns, teeth, sand dollars, coral, starfish, etc.

2. Archaeological, geological, or fossil specimens

3. Food for animals

4. Sling shots, bow & arrow sets, and other dangerous or weapon - like items.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call 386-397-1920 or 
email [email protected]

All items will have to be approved by the Craft Store Manager before they can be sold in the store. 

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